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About Us

Occupational Spanish -- learn what you need to know in a short amount of time!
Learn to speak Spanish --
as easy as 
uno, dos, tres!

Learn Spanish the way you learned English -- by speaking it!

We provide occupation-specific, Spanish language training, usually for a minimum of 6 participants in the following areas:

Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice
Business & Industry
Public Safety
Education & Child Care
Travel & Community
Manufacturing & Warehousing
Banking & Retail
and many others.

Learn only what you need to know to communicate with Spanish speakers -- coworkers, employees, clients, and/or the community at large. 

​THERE IS NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF SPANISH REQUIRED. Each of our programs is designed for adult-learners who have limited time to learn to communicate in Spanish.

Each training program is designed to include valuable cross-cultural training that is relevant to your occupation. Cross-cultural training is also available to meet the non-language needs of your workforce.Usually, the best classes are conducted live.  However, please inquire about other possibilities as webcam, Skype and other training venues do exist.

Also, ask about Community Spanish classes for people who would like to learn to speak Spanish for use in their daily life.

Spanish for Travelers is also available for small groups traveling to Spanish-speaking countries.

​If your workforce is mainly Spanish-speaking and they could benefit from learning English, please inquire about Inglés Mínimo, a kind of survival English that utilizes the same concepts, training techniques, and methods as our Occupational Spanish classes. . This program is designed for Spanish-speakers and can also be customized to include phrases that your Spanish-speakers need to learn in English to improve their safety and the safety of others while promoting understanding within the workplace.

Again, all of these courses are designed to be brought to your workplace.  Please contact the trainers for customized programs to meet your needs. 

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