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Learn Spanish the way you learned English -- by speaking it!

What materials do we use in our training programs?

Spanish for the Workplace and Beyond programs primarily use Command Spanish® curricula. Each trainer has been thoroughly trained in the field of occupational Spanish and is a nationally certified Command Spanish® instructor. Command Spanish® pioneered the development of occupational Spanish and currently is the premier provider of job-specific Spanish language training in the United States.

All of our program packages
include instruction, Command Spanish® manual and audio-maintenance CDs for each participant. Our training packages are affordable and we offer the best and most effective programs for learning and acquiring job-specific Spanish, all while having fun!

What kind of advantages do our training packages offer?

  • Work-specific Spanish

  • Non-grammar-based

  • Phonetic encoding

  • ​One-way oral communication

  • User-friendly

  • ​Only what you need to know

  • Audio maintenance CDs

  • Rigorously researched

  • Spanish for immediate use​

What kind of training techniques do we use?

Priming, modeling, choral response, guided practice, individual response, learning pairs and triads, the Alpha-Beta line, role-playing situations realistic to your occupation, fun and effective repetition drills  -- these are all techniques that are designed for creating low-stress and effective language acquisition keeping in mind the working adult.  For an idea about what our training incorporates, watch theYouTube video above.  Though it is not our trainer, you can get an idea of what it is like.